Vol 1, No 2 (2007)

Table of Contents


Growing Pains PDF HTML
Stewart Brower 39-40
Uncharted Waters: Tapping the Depths of Our Community to Enhance Learning [Conference Report] PDF HTML
April Cunningham 41-44
Training College Students in Information Literacy 2006-2007 edition [Review] PDF HTML
Karen Bronshteyn 45-46

Research Articles

Research Students in the Electronic Age: Impacts of Changing Information Behavior on Information Literacy Needs PDF HTML
Kirsty Williamson, Vivienne Bernath, Steven Wright, Jen Sullivan 47-63
Active Learning with Interactive Whiteboards: A Literature Review and a Case Study for College Freshmen PDF HTML
Robert Schroeder 64-73
Instructional Outreach to High Schools: Should You Be Doing It? PDF HTML
Kenneth J Burhanna 74-88
Information Literacy for Social Workers: University at Albany Libraries Prepare MSW Students for Research and Practice PDF HTML
Mary Jane Brustman, Deborah Bernnard 89-101

ISSN: 1933-5954