Communications in Information Literacy, Vol 9, No 2 (2015)

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A Survey of Librarian Perceptions of Information Literacy Techniques

Simone L. Yearwood, Nancy M. Foasberg, Kenneth D. Rosenberg


Teaching research competencies and information literacy is an integral part of the academic librarian’s role. There has long been debate among librarians over what are the most effective methods of instruction for college students. Library Faculty at a large urban University System were surveyed to determine their perceptions of the effectiveness of common information literacy instruction techniques. The system includes both two-year and four-year programs, as well as degree granting institutions. This research was undertaken for the purpose of better prioritizing institutional teaching activities in the current academic climate. The research shows that librarians within the University System believed that instructional models which give librarians more time with students, particularly highly-engaged students, are the most effective.

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